Providing Various Services

We Handle All Types of Real Estate

From renting to buying, we take care of all types of real estate transactions. Real estate in Japan is governed by a complex set of laws. We have a dedicated team to handle the issues and ensure that transactions are safe and smooth.

Communication in English

In addition to Japanese staff members with a good command of the English language, we also have a foreign agent residing in Japan.      

Offering a Wide Variety of Real Estate

In addition to rental housing, we also buy and sell residential properties, act as an intermediary for income-producing properties, and manage real estate (areas of responsibility are mainly Sapporo and its suburbs).

Explanation of Contract Details

We explain the complexities of Japanese contracts and real estate practices.
Explanations can be provided remotely by phone, e-mail, LINE, or video call.

Online Call Support

We support video chat using Google Meet.
In addition to explaining the property and contract details, we can also provide a live feed from the actual site of the property.

Wide Array of Support

A Japanese property specialist is essential in selecting a property in Japan.
Language support in Japanese and English is important, as well as skills as a real estate agent.
Although the required documents and procedures vary depending on the transaction that the client wishes to make, we provide a wide variety of methods to support a safe transaction.

Three methods to support you

1, Introduce Properties in Various Regions

We introduce rental properties not only in Sapporo but also in Otaru, Ebetsu, and other nearby cities.
We also help buy and sell properties all over Hokkaido.

3, Emigration support is available

In addition to signing a contract for a property, various procedures are required in order to live in a property, such as notification of moving in to the municipal office and notification of gas, electricity, and water usage.
We will assist you if necessary, so please contact us anytime if you have any concerns.

2, After-Sales Support

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have even after the transaction is completed.
We will provide you with friendly support regarding real estate in Japan.