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We provide vital information necessary for foreigners to move or invest in Hokkaido.
This is managed by our company, taft, which is a Sapporo-based real estate company.
Our main goal is to put clients at ease even if it is their first time to buy a real estate or live in Hokkaido.
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We Support your Real Estate Search in Hokkaido

Offering brokerage services for renting, buying, and selling properties as well as property management and support for immigration
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About us

taft is a Sapporo-based real estate company that started in 2010. We handle real estate in Sapporo and its suburbs. Currently, we manage over 2,000 different rooms and properties.

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We mediate rental and for-sale properties in English for those who migrate or invest from overseas to Sapporo and its suburbs.
We are also affiliated with language schools and companies, and are developing various forms of real estate transactions for foreign nationals.

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We provide real estate support in English both face-to-face and online video conferencing.
We support real estate transactions from anywhere in the world. We also provide after-sales support.

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Hokkaido Real Estate With Endless Potential

The popularity of Hokkaido is steadily increasing with its center in Sapporo.
Although it is attracting attention not only from Japan but also from overseas, there are still only a few real estate companies that offer English language support.
With this, our mission is to use English, as the world's first language, to convey the potentials of Hokkaido to people around the world.

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